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[CQ-Contest] RIT offset as QRM clue

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RIT offset as QRM clue
From: ve3iay@rac.ca (Richard Ferch)
Date: Mon Sep 2 11:43:58 2002
On Sun, 1 Sep 2002 21:23:03 -0400, N2MG wrote:

> I would say that they simply zero beat poorly.
> If you are running at a good rate, I wouldn't move to accomodate the
> callers.  They seem to be calling just fine, no?
> Mike N2MG

Well, not necessarily. Pete did say that the offsets were clustered in one
direction, which doesn't sound like simply poor zero beating. He also said
that his run rate improved when he moved. There's his answer right there,
I'd say.

I know darn well that when I'm S&Ping and the guy I'm trying to work is
close to a bigger signal, I'll often lean away from the big signal to
improve our chances. I think Pete is just reporting the other side of the
same situation.

Also, Pete didn't ask what to do with the information, he just asked whether
we thought he had made a valid observation. There's a difference between the
information you can glean from the situation and your response to that
information. Depending on your station, your goals, propagation, etc., in
one case you might move in order to improve your rate, but in another you
might elect to stay to protect your frequency. If you have the strongest
signal on the band and you intend to be there for a few more hours, maybe
you can afford to be stubborn and stay right where you are. But if the
station that's a few hundred Hz from you and in your skip zone turns out to
be K3LR or W3LPL, maybe the smart thing to do is move.

73, Rich VE3IAY

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