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[CQ-Contest] TS-850 vs. TS-940

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TS-850 vs. TS-940
From: Timothy.Urban@wc.ey.com (Timothy.Urban@wc.ey.com)
Date: Tue Sep 3 10:41:29 2002
Just my opinion, I think that the TS-940 is very limited by its filter 
selection for the cw op.  For SSB I really liked mine and found it very 

-  Your filters on cw are either in or out, and there is no ability to 
switch from 500 hz to 250 hz, which I do all the time in cw contesting. 

-  Also, I don't think that there is provision for cascading 250 hz 
crystal filters. 

-  On my rig, which was tested to be in 100% good order, using the 
bandwidth narrowning feature was not as good as having the right filter at 

I ended up physically installing the 250hz filter, which meant that my cw 
filter modes were either wiiiide open, or very tight.  I didn't like that 
and sold the rig, which I otherwise really liked.

I think that this criticism doesn't apply outside of dx/contesting, and as 
a general rig it was very nice.



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        Subject:        [CQ-Contest] TS-850 vs. TS-940

Sorry to start another "vs." thread, but I really want to know people's 
opinions of the 850 vs. 940, as I seriously have been mulling over whether 
replace my 940 with an 850. Have financial restraints here, and a used 850 

can be had for what I think I could get for my 940, so what opinions does 
contest world hold on this subject? Got my 940 equipped like I want it- 
filters, slow tuning mod, computer interface...and it works great, no 
problems. Do I keep what I got, and stop worrying about it, or is the 850 
better rig? Thanks in advance. Jim, KZ1M.

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