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[CQ-Contest] this weekend: IARU Region 1 SSB Fieldday

Subject: [CQ-Contest] this weekend: IARU Region 1 SSB Fieldday
From: manfred@shindengen.de (Manfred Petersen)
Date: Wed Sep 4 17:22:02 2002
IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day

Hello Contester,

this weekend the IARU REGION 1 SSB Field Day will take place

*********** 07.09.2002 13:00 to 08.09.2002 12:59 ************

Please give the /p stations a call, they will be happy.

Asian stations do accept calls from Field Day stations while AA 
the Region 1 stations will be so clever to give to you two different
"age and serial number".
If you are doing like this, it would be superb.

Stations outside Germany are welcome and have a real opportunity 
to participate in the categories

Class D for /p  outside Germany
Class F for fixed stations

Here you will find the rules


The Field Day Committee of the DARC will be happy, if you 
are sending your electronic log to


in order to varify the qsos made while the contest.

We have a full electronic log checking.

You will get a confirmation of the log entrance, a website
where you can find the conformation and if you are really
active a nice certificate.

See you in the contest

DARC Field Day Committee
Manfred - DK 2 OY

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