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[CQ-Contest] Radio Choice

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio Choice
From: nt5c@texas.net (John Warren)
Date: Wed Sep 4 10:27:54 2002
I use the FT1000MP, and it's a fine rig. But in terms of raw SSB 
receiving sensitivity it's a negligible improvement over my old 
faithful 940. All sorts of superior bells and whistles, many of which 
are useful, or even vital on typical busy bands and for split 
operation, but better sensitivity? - no. Under very quiet conditions 
on 10M, with an almost empty band, the 940 will pull out really weak 
ones better than the 1000MP. I've tested them side-by-side. Maybe the 
new TenTec will make a breakthrough in that respect?

73, John, NT5C.

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