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[CQ-Contest] best pc power supply to eliminate rfi?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] best pc power supply to eliminate rfi?
From: k9mi@arrl.net (Michael Brown)
Date: Wed Sep 4 13:44:08 2002
I've ran into this one myself Jamie. My son=0D
works in the computer field, and he said they=0D
used Antec cases back when I was having=0D
the problem. This one I use is a 300 watt PS=0D
and the case is heavy. I think it ran me around=0D
100 bucks or more 2.5 years ago. But it has=0D
been worth it. I'm sure there are probably =0D
other good ones out there. The Antec web site=0D
is at: http://www.antec-inc.com/=0D
Come to think of it, the P 200 my wife uses is=0D
an Antec case also. When we first built this pc,=0D
it was with parts from a computer show, and I=0D
had reservations when I bought that case. It was=0D
around 40 bucks I think. But it would destroy=0D
40/80 and 160 for me, so I had to do something.=0D
I just remembered about www.pricewatch.com and=0D
did some snooping there. You have to click on=0D
"Cases" and then a page of brand names show up.=0D
I clicked on "Antec" and found some pretty decent=0D
prices there.=0D
73 - Mike K9MI=0D
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From: ww3s@zoominternet.net=0D
To: cq-contest@contesting.com=0D
Subject: [CQ-Contest] best pc power supply to eliminate rfi?=0D
I know Dave, K6LL, recommends the Envision monitor as virtually noiseless=
=2E I
bought 2 and they are quiet. Still noise though from the pc power supply,
one extremely bad. Along the lines of Dave's suggestion, can anyone
recommend a particular power supply to replace the existing one with? Wha=
should one look for in trying to find a "noiseless" pc power supply? =0D
73 Jamie WW3S=0D
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