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[CQ-Contest] RF and Speed Stream

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RF and Speed Stream
From: kc5ykx@swbell.net (Reid Hill)
Date: Thu Sep 5 22:12:29 2002
I have a Speed Stream 5260 DSL modem that is not affected by any RF. 
You are assuming that the modem is the cause. A few things to try/consider.

1. Have you by-passed the router to make sure that is not the source?
2. Have you tried different Cat 5 patch cables?
3. Have you tried a different NIC card?

The RF could be entering the system from several points in the chain.
>From outside wiring to the inside jack. Jack to modem. Modem to router.
Router to NIC. Just some thoughts from this end. (Thanks goodness I dont
have to trouble shoot RF in our 70+ LANS in the local school district.)

73, Reid KC5YKX

09/05/2002 9:53:45 AM, "Richard Zalewski" <w7zr@citlink.net> wrote:

>Any one out there using a Speed Stream 5667 DSL Modem or similar external
>modem by Efficient Networks?  Having a bear of a time keeping 40 & 20 M RF
>out even at low power.
>I loose sync with 7Mhz or 14Mhz RF in the environment.  I have lots of the
>right kind of ferrite on the 3 external connections to the modem/router but
>can't seem to solve the problem.
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