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[CQ-Contest] CW NA SPRINT, Dress Rehearsal Friday Night

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CW NA SPRINT, Dress Rehearsal Friday Night
From: w6eu@jps.net (Jim Duffy)
Date: Fri Sep 6 00:06:34 2002
The NCCC once again invites all contesters to check their software, and =
blow the carbon out of their rigs.  Tomorrow night, Friday, at 0400z =
meet us at ~3830 to chat until about 0415z when we will start a CW Mini =
Sprint on 80 and 40 only.  It will last 5-10 minutes depending on how =
many people show up.  Let's get a bunch of contesters together and make =
some noise tomorrow night.

Also, how about signing up for the SSB NA Sprint NCCC TEAM?  That's on =
Saturday eve, Sept. 14.  You need not be an NCCC member to join up with =
us.  The NCCC is looking to form one or two teams to join in the fun.
Contact the NCCC SSB Sprint Manager, Mark, KI7WX at KI7WX@aol.com

73, Jim W6EU
NCCC CW Sprint Gopher

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>From Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com  Fri Sep  6 14:46:47 2002
From: Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com (Jim Stevens)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] NA SSB Sprint 20th Anniversary
Message-ID: <018b01c255ac$acb0d0c0$6401a8c0@nc.rr.com>

I would like to remind everyone about the Sept. 2002 NA SSB Sprint which
will be
held at 0000Z on Saturday evening Sept. 14 (USA local time).

This SSB Sprint will be the 20th anniversary of the first SSB Sprint in
Sept. 1982.
So I would like encourage everyone new and old to come out enjoy the fun.
I am hopeful that we will have a record turn-out which will result in some
scores being set.

If you are forming a team, please register them via the following Web site:

After the contest, send your log (preferrably in Cabrillo format) to

Jim Stevens, K4MA, SSB Sprint Contest Manager

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