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[CQ-Contest] Radio Choice

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio Choice
From: k9tm@buckeye-express.com (K9TM)
Date: Sat Sep 7 10:45:02 2002

You have it correct it is menu 8-4 Front End RF Amp Selection and the
choices are flat/tuned.  The tuned selection uses "optimized" amps.

One thing I found in the 10m contest is that depending on condx, it
sometimes helps to use IPO.  I know the manual says for low band high
qrm condx... but it does work on high band weak signals as well under
some condx.

As for KW's... I loved my 830 but have not been happy with any KW
offering since that.  I hate the filter selection method.  I don't
want to toggle through all of the filters... I want to select the one
I want.  I also don't like the no RIT clearing button thing.  I also
find the button layout to be non-ergonomic (to my liking).  I also
don't like not having a separate VFO knob for the sub-rcv (KW has VFO
A/B buttons).  KW also doesn't have band data out (I don't think
using the logging software for this is a good engineering solution
and since I have an automated switching station... plus this is just
what I need, to have to get even more ports to work in a PC,
especially since LPT ports are now considered "legacy" and are being
phases out...yuck).  I could go on but those are all reasons why I
abandoned KW long ago for Icom and Yaesu.  Also, I don't think DSP
filtering alone is enough (yet,maybe some day?), so these days the
only radios left that meets my requirements are made by Yaesu
(1000-MP/D).  If someone comes up with a better radio, I'm always

73 Tim K9TM

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>>...menu function 8-4. The default is "Flat," and that is not the one
>>you want. When the background noise is quiet, you need more gain
>>the flat setting provides.
>>Maybe an MP owner can post the correct menu and setting.

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