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[CQ-Contest] Low Audio from DVP - suggestions

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Low Audio from DVP - suggestions
From: bailey.mark@comcast.net (Mark Bailey)
Date: Thu Sep 12 23:54:47 2002
Hello, All:

I just took a DVP I purchased used some time ago out of the box and
stuck it in an old Pentium.  The software functions work.  However, the
audio levels are extremely low, both for "transmit through" with a foot
switch and for playbacks from recording (either through the headphones
or through the radio). 

I used two different Heil headsets.  Both work when connected 
straight to the radios.  TR-Log and booting DOS on a Windows 95 
machine.   DVP files on the C drive...didn't get to setting up a RAM 
disk.  Kenwood radios.

I did not have a chance to swap the cable, though I'll try that 
after WAE with a YAESU cable I have lying around.  I can
check record/playback with that cable, but can't check the radio

I'm using one of their cables which I wired to work with the Heil
adapters and headsets...1/8" mono for microphone audio and 1/4" 
mono for PTT.

PTT works fine either from the foot switch or playbacks.

I did not try the test with the computer off...the manual says that should
bypass the board so it would probably work OK.  My next step is to
Ohm out the cable.

Any suggestions?  Of course, I chose WAE this weekend to try it for
the first time. :-)

Thanks in advance and 73.

Mark, KD4D

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