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[CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK

Subject: [CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK
From: k6km@cncnet.com (Bill)
Date: Thu Sep 12 22:02:05 2002
Well Golly Gee,

David offered  what apears to be some enticing tidbits, but
neither pursuing his cited website (below) nor sending a REPLY
to the SENDER yielded anything meaningful. The REPLY
was bounced. He shows up as k3hz in one of the data bases,
and is included as a cc to this msg.

David, if you have something to say to the group, please
make it understandable and accessible to us.

Bill K6KM, also VK*


david.e.burger@au.pwcglobal.com wrote:

> With the revised licensing arrangements in Australia we expect to see a lot
> more international contesters arriving in Australia, especially in VK3.
> Look at the official licensing and booking team:
> http://www.wia.org.au/about.html
> David VK2CZ/VK8AA

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