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[CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK

Subject: [CQ-Contest] More contesters in VK
From: kc5ykx@swbell.net (Reid Hill)
Date: Fri Sep 13 09:05:10 2002
Just in case others missed the "incintive" to get a ticket in VK3 land.
Check out the beautiful YL that is in charge of testing. You have to 
be dead not to want to have her giving you the "test". HI. I dont
think much else of an informative nature was meant to be found on
this web site. Just 2 beautiful Aussie girls involve in the WIA.

Reid, KC5YKX

09/12/2002 2:37:02 PM, Bill <k6km@cncnet.com> wrote:

>Could you tell us what the hell you're talking about? If there is
>any info on the WIA website that tells us about "revised licensing
>arrangements" it's very well hidden.
>XYL Ginny and I have enjoyed several very enjoyable visits
>to VK including some externall territories. We both pay fifty
>bucks a year to keep our licenses alive.
>If something has been done to lessen the burden on visiting
>hams, we'd like to learn about it. Please take a look at the
>link you presented and give us visitors enough additional
>info to learn what you want us to learn.
>Thanks for the stimulus,
>p/o VK9WM
>david.e.burger@au.pwcglobal.com wrote:
>> With the revised licensing arrangements in Australia we expect to see a lot
>> more international contesters arriving in Australia, especially in VK3.
>> Look at the official licensing and booking team:
>> http://www.wia.org.au/about.html
>> David VK2CZ/VK8AA
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