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[CQ-Contest] CQ CQ K4 V2 KP4 KP2 FM 8P and P4

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ CQ K4 V2 KP4 KP2 FM 8P and P4
From: ffucell@tin.it (IK0XBX Francesco Fucelli)
Date: Sat Sep 14 02:20:44 2002
Dear friends,=20
from 25 september to 15 october i'll be in honey moon in the carribean =
i'll be very happy to meet some OM during this period.

This is my program:

25 september and 14 october Miami
from 26 september to 5 october in V2
6 and 13 october in KP4
7 october in KP2
8 october in FM
9 october in 8P
11 october in P4

if you want to meet me in this places send me an email at ffucell@tin.it =
before 20 september.

Best 73 de Francesco IK0XBX

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