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[CQ-Contest] Low Audio from DVP - suggestions

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Low Audio from DVP - suggestions
From: pa3aav@hetnet.nl (Gert Meinen)
Date: Fri Sep 13 17:42:32 2002
Check if the in- and outputs are not reversed. Happened to me
once.....Gert PA3AAV.
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From: Mark Bailey <bailey.mark@comcast.net>
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Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 2:54 AM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Low Audio from DVP - suggestions

> Hello, All:
> I just took a DVP I purchased used some time ago out of the box and
> stuck it in an old Pentium.  The software functions work.  However,
> audio levels are extremely low, both for "transmit through" with a
> switch and for playbacks from recording (either through the headphones
> or through the radio).
> I used two different Heil headsets.  Both work when connected
> straight to the radios.  TR-Log and booting DOS on a Windows 95
> machine.   DVP files on the C drive...didn't get to setting up a RAM
> disk.  Kenwood radios.
> I did not have a chance to swap the cable, though I'll try that
> after WAE with a YAESU cable I have lying around.  I can
> check record/playback with that cable, but can't check the radio
> connection.
> I'm using one of their cables which I wired to work with the Heil
> adapters and headsets...1/8" mono for microphone audio and 1/4"
> mono for PTT.
> PTT works fine either from the foot switch or playbacks.
> I did not try the test with the computer off...the manual says that
> bypass the board so it would probably work OK.  My next step is to
> Ohm out the cable.
> Any suggestions?  Of course, I chose WAE this weekend to try it for
> the first time. :-)
> Thanks in advance and 73.
> Mark, KD4D
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