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[CQ-Contest] Sprint Mults down

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Sprint Mults down
From: K5NZ@aol.com (K5NZ@aol.com)
Date: Mon Sep 16 09:50:49 2002
As I keep reading all the comments in the Sprint scores on 3830, I notice a 
common thread about lack of mults, where were all the mults, low activity.  
Funny that after K9PG gets slammed for e-mailing folks (and now has stopped) 
to get them on the air, get mults active, help bring new blood in the 
contests we see a drop in such.. It's a doubled edged sword isn't it!  Maybe, 
just maybe what he was doing.... 
WAS helping everyone.  Think about it.

"If it's worth doing....it's worth overdoing!"
Mike Hance K5NZ
Bedias, Tx

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