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[CQ-Contest] Traveling with a HF Rig

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Traveling with a HF Rig
From: Georgek5kg@aol.com (Georgek5kg@aol.com)
Date: Fri Sep 20 23:45:49 2002
I travelled through Tampa and San Juan to Dominica and back in July with an 
IC-756 in my carry on.  No problem, although I was asked about it, and in 
Tampa they padded it with one of those little white pads that cks for 
explosives.  The radio was wrapped in bubble wrap and taped shut.  I was not 
even asked to unwrap it.

The new Transportation Security Authority people are now on duty as the 
checkers, so maybe they will  have a diff procedure.  I am going on the same 
trip in Nov, and plan to take the rig the same as before.

73, Geo...

George I. Wagner, K5KG
Productivity Resources LLC
941-312-9460 fax
201-415-6044 cell

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