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[CQ-Contest] Traveling with a HF Rig

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Traveling with a HF Rig
From: sm0jhf@chello.se (SM0JHF)
Date: Sat Sep 21 19:41:44 2002
I recall my friend, who spent a few years in the Philipines (DU7CC), mentioning 
that clearing the radio equipment legally through the customs was a nightmare. 
His rig was bigger that the TS50 mentioned in previous message.
I have flown many times with radio gear since last September. Unfortunately 
once a switched power supply and an automatic antenna tuner with cables 
disappeared from my checked-in suitcase somewhere between Stockholm and Africa. 
No notification from any security authority, no compensation from the airline 
(except of a new suitcase). Since then I carry all my radios and tuners in hand 
luggage. No problems in Europe except of repeated X-ray scans. In some places, 
outside of Europe, they don't even have operational X-ray machines. I think 
that the security checks in Asia and Africa are different for different 
Bringing a small radio into a country is one problem. Getting it out of the 
country through airport security checks is another. Bringing radios into the 
Philipines can be illegal but taking them out of the country is probably 100% 
legal. In Hong Kong - I don't think they care for radios. I would recommend 
taking the radio with you. Large airports have equipment for scanning for 
explosives and this is what they look for.
BTW, more than 10 years ago, Japanese security guards took my Swiss army knife 
in Tokyo. They said it was a potential weapon.

Henryk SM0JHF

>From Art Popoff" <ua3vcs@mail.ru  Sun Sep 22 18:19:46 2002
From: Art Popoff" <ua3vcs@mail.ru (Art Popoff)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log
Message-ID: <E17tAOY-000NV0-00@f10.mail.ru>

Good day,

I've been trying all day to send my wae ssb logs to waedc@darc.de, no luck so 
far. All messages are failed to get through. Is there any problem @DARC, or it 
was probably me?? :?

73, de bw3/ua3vcs, Art

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