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[CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log

Subject: [CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log
From: wae@dl6rai.muc.de (Bernhard Buettner)
Date: Mon Sep 23 09:26:28 2002
Hi Contesters!

DARC uses @darc.de as a mail forwarding service for its members. Due 
to reasons beyond my understanding, an anti-spam filter has been 
installed which deletes messages arriving from specific mail domains. 

Unfortunately, the list of blocked domains has not been made available 
either so the information below is incomplete. However, from personal 
experience, I know that E-Mail to @darc.de is blocked from the following 


The problem is that sometimes E-mail from these domains does not even 
bounce but silently disappear in a black hole without the sender or 
receiver of that message being notified. This seems to be the case
when the message is coming from @hotmail.com.

For the moment, we can do nothing about it. I am in contact with DARC 
officials to change the situation.

If in doubt:

a) Make sure you received a response from the log robot when sending 
in your log. The robot answers within a few minutes after your log
has arrived and confirms the receipt with some additional details.

b) Check the Web Page at http://www.waedc.de:
-> Results 2002 
   -> CW or SSB 
      -> Logs Received

This site is usually up to date 1-2 days after your log has been 
received. If your callsign does not show up there, we have not 
received your log.

In this case, you can try sending your log from a different mail 
account. Or contact me directly at "wae@dl6rai.muc.de". My official 
"dl6rai@darc.de" address wouldn't work either in this case.

Sorry for the confusion, we are trying to sort it out.

73 Ben, DL6RAI
[] Bernhard (Ben) Buettner, DL6RAI - WAE-DX-Contest Manager
[] E-Mail: dl6rai@darc.de    Phone: +49-89-943663     Fax: +49-89-943191

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