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[CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log

Subject: [CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log
From: kr1g@hotmail.com (ted demopoulos)
Date: Mon Sep 23 13:08:18 2002
My CW log kept bouncing over and over - it was apparently a problem on their 

My "fix" was sending it from another email account - in this case my wifes 
AOL account. I'm guessing for some reason they had put my domain "demop.com" 
in a blackhole list and were bouncing all email from it - possibly the same 
for "mail.ru" ?? Or maybe just a misconfiguration

Ted KT1V ex KR1G

>From: "Art Popoff" <ua3vcs@mail.ru>
>Reply-To: "Art Popoff" <ua3vcs@mail.ru>
>To: cq-contest@contesting.com
>Subject: [CQ-Contest] can't send my wae log
>Good day,
>I've been trying all day to send my wae ssb logs to waedc@darc.de, no luck 
>so far. All messages are failed to get through. Is there any problem @DARC, 
>or it was probably me?? :?
>73, de bw3/ua3vcs, Art
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