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[CQ-Contest] Availability of contestresults

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Availability of contestresults
From: Marc.Domen@skynet.be (Marc Domen, ON7SS)
Date: Thu Sep 26 15:17:58 2002
Hi all,

Reading the latest mails concerning the ARRL Contest results brought
up to me memories of the pre internet years.
Being a regular columnist for many years for the our UBA Magazine
CQ-QSO I was always pleaseD to receive the results from many
contestorganisers  by snail mail.  In those years almost every
contestmanager mailed the results to the different national
organisations for publication.  Now everyone puts the results on a
webpage.  No harm done with that but last week I spend a whole
afternoon looking trough webpages just to find some results for
I am sure that I am not the only columnist who spends hours on the net
just to find the information he needs to publish for his readers.
This work, however still done with pleasure could be done much quicker
if we where just notified that results and new rules are available
One small mail with the needed url would be enough.  This does not
even has to be a personal mail.  Most people like myself receive
messages from different contestreflectors, so it could be done in a
mail with just one address.
It could give us more time to be on the air, we are also amateurs who
like to make a QSO once in a while.
I hope this message rings a bell with some contestorganisers to save
me and a lot of others some time.

73 cu in the next test

Marc, ON7SS

Amateur Radio Station ON7SS
UBA HF Contest Info
Marc Domen
Ferdinand Coosemansstraat 32
B - 2600  Berchem-Antwerpen
Tel: 00-3-239.98.56
GSM: +32-477-56.22.01


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