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[CQ-Contest] TRUE ARRL Discrimination :)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TRUE ARRL Discrimination :)
From: kr1g@hotmail.com (ted demopoulos)
Date: Thu Sep 26 15:56:41 2002
Gentlemen (and ladies),

Anyone can apply for DXCC if they are NOT in the USA. If you're in the USA, 
you MUST be a member. This is a form of discrimination too!

BIG DEAL! Things can never be 100% fair, nor should they be.

And if you don't like it, move to W1, EA8, P4 or similar :) Then people can 
complain about your high scores being unfair!

Everyone gets to see the results if they are a member or have internet 
access or have friends. Some may get to see the results a little sooner.

I'm closer to Europe than XX, LPL, LR, AR, ZD etc - do you see them 
complaining that I get slightly longer EU openings on average?? (of course 
they can all kick my butt so the point is somewhat moot - but you get the 
73 and lets get back to contesting,
Ted, KT1V

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