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[CQ-Contest] ARRL Discrimination - was "2002 ARRL DX PhoneResults Availa

Subject: [CQ-Contest] ARRL Discrimination - was "2002 ARRL DX PhoneResults Available"
From: k5na@texas.net (Richard L. King)
Date: Thu Sep 26 19:18:03 2002
At 09:11 9/26/02 -0600, Sylvan Katz wrote:

>One of the most important things we can do is figure out ways to increase
>participation in contests.

I think the ARRL does try to encourage DX participation in the DX Contest. 
If you look at the rules at


you will see that the ARRL offers a certificate to any DX station that 
participates and makes 500 QSOs or more. The actual wording is:

         8.2.5. DX entrants making more than 500 QSOs on either mode will 
receive certificates.

I am sure that it costs several dollars to process and mail each of those 
certificates to each DX station. I see this as an extra effort on the 
ARRL's part to encourage participation.

I think the ARRL tries hard to run a good, fair contest. And I think the 
question of who sees the early results to be relatively unimportant.

That's the final comment you will hear from me on the subject.

73, Richard - K5NA


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