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[CQ-Contest] New Master Database Complete

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Master Database Complete
From: k9tm@buckeye-express.com (k9tm)
Date: Sun Sep 29 20:31:33 2002
The latest set of master databases were completed on Friday night.  I
have tested them through the weekend and they are ready for release. 
They have been sent to K8CC to be put on the datom website
(http://www.datomonline.com).  At last check, they were not available on
the site (yet).  Watch for a note from Dave, when they hit the site.

If there are any problems with the databases, let me know and I will
attempt to correct them.

Thanks to all who supported the effort with logs.  Hope you find the
databases useful.

73s Tim K9TM

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