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[CQ-Contest] CQP Software

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQP Software
From: k6km@cncnet.com (Bill)
Date: Sun Sep 29 23:24:04 2002
Hi folks,

Larry K7MI just posted notice that the latest version of Milog (Windows)
supports California QSO Party. The event is next weekend, don't miss it!
Especially don't miss Ginny N6RER, SSB all bands. But, back to the

Take a look at Milog; I'll do that Monday. I'd appreciate reading
what you think about it, either privatly or publicly.

My limited experience with Milog is very positive. Yet I'm very
reluctant to present the XYL with software that might
give her a problem.

All feedback appreciated.

Bill K6KM, OM of N6RER

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