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[CQ-Contest] Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic
From: ve4xt@mb.sympatico.ca (ve4xt@mb.sympatico.ca)
Date: Mon Sep 30 12:10:27 2002

By far, the best option is the headset. A boom mic is just too

With a headset, you can lean back, stretch, scratch, do all sorts of things
while speaking that you just can't do with a boom mic.

If you want to be married to the same position for the entire time you're
in the chair, then a boom mic will work. If you'd rather have the
flexibility to move around, choose different seating positions, improve
ergonomics on the fly, you can't beat a headset.

Be sure and give any prospective headset a good test drive, if possible.
Often, the ones that encompass the entire ear get heavy after a short
while. For some, this is a problem and the lighter Pro-Set style headsets
are better. For others, it's not a problem and they prefer the more
noise-cancelling effect of the large ear muffs.

Your mileage will vary according to your preference.

73, kelly

>From Tom & Adela" <kk4ta@strato.net  Mon Sep 30 17:37:47 2002
From: Tom & Adela" <kk4ta@strato.net (Tom & Adela)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic
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I think that you'll find the headset mike to be superior for several

Assuming equal sound quality:

1.  I can never find the perfect positon for a boom, it is always in the way
of something
2.  I must follow the boom, so my position will ultimately become
cramped--with the headset I can lean back, stand up, etc., the headset's
mike will follow you and stay the optimum distance.

Tom, KK4TA

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From: "Dennis Ponsness" <wb0wao@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 4:21 AM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic

> Well, I have had good luck in the past with getting excellent advice here,
> so I thought I would put this one out...
> I am setting up my "contest station" which will be for "semi-serious"
> contesting.  I know that using the standard hand mic with my rig is not
> most optimum setup - kinda hard to log at the same time.  Mainly I S&P,
> have been known to do (or at least attempt to do) a run.  I will be using
> foot switch for PTT of course, but I am debating whether to use a headset
> mic or a boom mic.  What are the advantages/disadvantages to each?  They
> cost roughly the same, so that isn't a factor here, I just want to get the
> one that I will be the most useful for my particular needs.
> TNX es 73
> Dennis - WB0WAO
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