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[CQ-Contest] Changing score publication policies

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Changing score publication policies
From: ford@cmgate.com (Ford Peterson)
Date: Mon Sep 30 14:51:48 2002
This thread was...Re: [CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination

Young Hrle - 9A6XX (9A7P Team) writes:


> I sure missed a line in rules saying if you want to
> receive the results get subsribed to CQ magazine or something like that.
> Same for ARRL, I have to wait months longer if I'm not a member and nobody
> said that within the rules. Maybe if I knew this I wouldnt work those
> contests at all.
> People at WAE and UA DX Contest understand this and so I greatly welcome
> their new standards. Thanks for the fantastic free scorebooks and
> I'm sure I'll be back in those ones, while I have strong doubts on showing
> up in ARRLs again.
> Hrle - 9A6XX (9A7P Team)

Be patient Hrle.  The new scoring format for ARRL is changing effective the
first of the year.  Things should be different in the future.

What are policies of EU organizations that sponsor contests?  I would like
to see a side-by-side comparison of various organizations around the globe.

Does anybody know what the ARRL disclosure policy will be for 2003?  Plus,
the point he makes in his earlier post about monthly income of $50US does
put all this in quite a different light.  No email, no computers.  Hmmmmm...
My how one young lad can change a man's perspective.

Perhaps there needs to be some changes.  How about this...  Provide paper
contest results to all who submit a score and provide return postage?


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