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[CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination
From: k1my@msn.com (k1my)
Date: Mon Sep 30 13:08:32 2002
 I sure missed a line in rules saying if you want to
> receive the results get subsribed to CQ magazine or something like that.
> Same for ARRL, I have to wait months longer if I'm not a member and nobody
> said that within the rules. Maybe if I knew this I wouldnt work those
> contests at all.

Hrle , You are missing the point here. CQ results are available as they have
always been, no change and ARRL results are going to be available to you
sooner (via the internet) than they have ever been before. So why the

> People at WAE and UA DX Contest understand this and so I greatly welcome
> their new standards. Thanks for the fantastic free scorebooks and
> I'm sure I'll be back in those ones, while I have strong doubts on showing
> up in ARRLs again.

Free logs and brochures, great. Will they pay your postage and also money to
upgrade your antennas and rigs? I don't get your point........ Or are you
just trying to stir the pot?

73, Bruce K1MY

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>From Sean-K8KHZ" <sean@k8khz.com  Mon Sep 30 20:51:25 2002
From: Sean-K8KHZ" <sean@k8khz.com (Sean-K8KHZ)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re:  Headset Mic vs. Boom Mic
References: <F127ePag8DbLa1RHPVS0000cca9@hotmail.com> 
Message-ID: <004e01c268ba$c2b765c0$f1992944@Fleming.madsnh01.mi.comcast.net>

what is being missed is the simple fac tthat you can pick out stations that
are weaker in the headset and you can hear more disticlty and also through
the close by QRM. With a speaker all the cound goes by the waste side. Now I
know you are talking about the Mic part. For that the Mic on a Heil set Pro
5 is good. I sould say that you get  more room to move like everyoneis
saying with the headset plus you get the headset speakers and the mic
together. a heil boom is like more ropom taking at your station and may look
better. if you have the money get both and use the boom for casual dxing.
and the headset for contesting. That is what I plan on doing soon.


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