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[CQ-Contest] Salmon Run - This Weekend

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Salmon Run - This Weekend
From: hwardsil@centurytel.net (Ward Silver)
Date: Tue Sep 17 21:23:55 2002
A reminder to the contesting multitudes - this weekend is the Washington State 
QSO Party - a.k.a. "The Salmon Run".  

You want prizes?  We have prizes!  Smoked salmon!  Save it up to go with your 
bottle of wine from the California QSO Party.  Now if we could just get cheese 
out of Wisconsin, beef out of Texas, oranges out of Florida, and a lobstah or 
two out of Maine, the winners could have a real meal!

Complete rules and details are available at www.wwdxc.org/salmonrun, including 
a page listing upcoming expeditions to the 39 counties.  With the possible 
exception of Pend O'Reille (pronounced "pond-o-ray" in the grand tradition of 
screwy Northwestern names) it looks like every county will be active for at 
least a while - lots of mobiles this year.  We will update the county page in 
the next couple of days with the latest news.  Rumor has it that there will be 
at least two multi-multi-mobiles, as well!

Dick, K7BTW will activate the bonus station W7DX from home, so look for a good 
signal to pick up the bonus points.

Software that supports the contest include TR, NA, and WriteLog.  TR has had 
support for some time.  NA 10.5 supports the contest, although for versions 
10.53 and earlier, the scoring still reflects the discontinued power 
multiplier.  To use this software, select the "High Power" option, for which 
the power multiplier is 1, and your score will be correct.  WriteLog has just 
released a Salmon Run module today - version at 
http://home.xnet.com/~sjwoodr/ham/modules/.  (If you're planning on using 
WriteLog, you should exercise the new software before the contest - Steve N9OH 
at sjwoodr@yahoo.com is available to check on reported problems.)

At the same time, you can work the Scandinavian Activity Contest on CW, the 
Panama Anniversary Contest, The Fall QRP Homebrewer's Sprint, The Classic 
Exchange, QRP Afield, and the Collegiate QSO Party.  Yikes!  Check out 
http://www.arrl.org/contests/months/sep.html for all the details.

Hope to hear you in there fishing away!!

73, Ward N0AX/7
Western Washington DX Club VP

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