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[CQ-Contest] Clean Sweep is not all that

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Clean Sweep is not all that
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (k4oj)
Date: Thu Oct 31 21:04:40 2002
While achieving a Sweep is part of what many feel SS is about - as far 
as scoring, looking for that last section versus running sections - your 
bigger score will come from running stations!

The major contest software programs have a mult is owrth this many QSOs 
screen section - wqhen you approach the sweep note the increase in your 
score that non mult Q was and then when you do work another you will see 
that it is not - you said

"one's ability to do well is severely curtailed."

as reagrds not sweeping - I wholeheartedly disagree... having done SS a 
lot, inclduing a threepeat in multi-single,  after only landing in the 
SINGLE OP Top Ten once, as a fourth place finisher who was the only Top 
Tenner not to Sweep I can say - do the math...  The winner is based on 
scores, not on Sweeps - the Sweep is a personal goal but is NOT 
mandatory and you are NOT severely curtailed by missing one!

See everyone this weekend - I will be in the rare West Central Florida 


Jim, K4OJ

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