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[CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination
From: rhodes@evertek.net (Jim Rhodes)
Date: Tue Oct 1 00:20:09 2002
OK, I will ask the obvious question. What does WAE/RADXC do different. From 
out here in the middle of nowhere the European contests are often difficult 
to work from behind the east coast stations so my experience with them is 
very limited. How do they distribute the results? Publishing them in the 
organization's magazine is the obvious choice. That is the least expensive 
way for them to do it. But you seem to be saying that it is done 
differently over there. Before I can form an opinion I need more information.

> > You dont get my point?! OK I do have a bad english, but let me try again.
> > Now you tryed to say that people spending money on sending out scorebooks
> > and such things are stupid?! It's obvious they wont make any money, so I
> > guess this is something americans cant understand?! You understand that CQ
> > Magazine is sponsoring the CQWW and for that they need money. I understand
> > this too.
> > But for me sponsoring something doesnt mean making money on it. Yes, they
> > can promote their Magazine, that's what's sponsoring all about, but
> > people to buy it; that's just sick.
> >
> > I'm 19, and when all those older guys past away I wonder who will I talk
> > At least I'll have my WAE/RADXC broshures to look at, oh those good old
> > times.
> >
> > Hrle - 9A6XX
> >
> >
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