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[CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination
From: k9mi@arrl.net (Mike Brown)
Date: Tue Oct 1 08:50:18 2002
Ok, here is my take on the situation. My guess is=0D
that members (who pay somewhere around 40 =0D
bucks a year now I think) get a month's advance=0D
peek at the scores.=0D
Personally, I wouldn't mind if they let everyone look=0D
at the same time. No biggy to me. But, if the stations=0D
that are non-members get to look at the scores one=0D
month later, what is so bad about that? Maybe as=0D
an ARRL member, that is one of our "perks" for our=0D
membership dues?=0D
I just don't see the big deal about having to wait a=0D
month to see the scores. This is sure a lot faster=0D
then when we all had to wait for months to get our=0D
QST to see the scores. =0D
73 - Mike K9MI=0D
-------Original Message-------=0D
From: Jim Rhodes=0D
To: contesting.com submital; Hrvoje Horvat=0D
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL discrimination=0D
OK, I will ask the obvious question. What does WAE/RADXC do different. Fr=
om =0D
out here in the middle of nowhere the European contests are often difficu=
lt =0D
to work from behind the east coast stations so my experience with them is=
very limited. How do they distribute the results? Publishing them in the =
organization's magazine is the obvious choice. That is the least expensiv=
e =0D
way for them to do it. But you seem to be saying that it is done =0D
differently over there. Before I can form an opinion I need more informat=
> > You dont get my point?! OK I do have a bad english, but let me try ag=
> > Now you tryed to say that people spending money on sending out
> > and such things are stupid?! It's obvious they wont make any money, s=
o I=0D
> > guess this is something americans cant understand?! You understand th=
> > Magazine is sponsoring the CQWW and for that they need money. I
> > this too.=0D
> > But for me sponsoring something doesnt mean making money on it. Yes,
> > can promote their Magazine, that's what's sponsoring all about, but=0D
> > people to buy it; that's just sick.=0D
> >=0D
> > I'm 19, and when all those older guys past away I wonder who will I t=
> > At least I'll have my WAE/RADXC broshures to look at, oh those good o=
> > times.=0D
> >=0D
> > Hrle - 9A6XX=0D
> >=0D
> >=0D
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Jim Rhodes K0XU=0D
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