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[CQ-Contest] RE:ARRL Discrimination

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RE:ARRL Discrimination
From: eugenewalsh@msn.com (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Tue Oct 1 13:53:11 2002
Barry's Role Model perception is skewed by his youth.

In the 50's and 60's,CQWW mailed a book to contest entrants with all scores
and winners.  WAE was ok too!
Now they are the best, along with the Russia Contest.
It's all changing quickly.

73 Gene N2AA

W2UP says:

WAE results have always been the role model for "customer service."
In the old days, every participant would receive a small booklet with
all the results, rules for next year, certificate and/or plaque if
eligible, and blank paper logs, at no charge to the participant, of
course. Now, it's all web based, with instant confirmation of
submitted logs, high claimed scores, etc.
Barry W2UP

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