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[CQ-Contest] Re: They have no internet, no cabrillo...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: They have no internet, no cabrillo...
From: discreetly_confidential@yahoo.com (Chuck)
Date: Wed Oct 2 06:40:10 2002
First, let me state that I don't have as great a
station as many do, but I have one that works for
me. I either operate as part of the M/M world or
I do it as a SO.

I agree with Vladimir! The key, here, is rather
than make distinctions about the level of
resources a station may or may not have available
one should emphasize that it is what you DO with
what you have that matters.

The 'little gun' or 'popgun' station of limited
resources works at pefecting skills and abilities
to achieve some kind of goal for themselves. 

To call someone who has limited resources (as
Hrvoje puts it "...those little tiny signals 
...hey're probably just misserable losers that
havent achieved anything in their lifes. Who
cares about them!') those kinds of perjorative
terms only serves to further divide our group.

Trust me.. and you can verify this with ANY
contest op who is seriusly looking for a good

ANY station who is competitive in a contest
SEEKS, WANTS, and DESIRES as many of those 'tiny
signals' as they can get. As we say. 'Q's Is
Points!' It doesn't matter what class of station
you may have.. trust me. If I'm operating in a
contest, I want every Q I can get. Loud, weak,
whatever. No station who is active in the contest
shares the view that a 'tiny signal' is worthless
or indicative of an operator/owner that is a
'loser'. Just the opposite! 

Many times I've struggled for minutes to pull a
'tiny signal' out of the noise becuase I WANTED
to make the Q. Regardless of whetheror not it was
a mult.. 'Q's Is Points!'  

For all you know,that 'tiny signal' may be a
skilled QRP enthusiast of great resources trying
out a milliwatt transmitter into a dipole to see
how it works.  Blanket, perjorative statements
add nothing to the debate.

One thing to remember is this.. there are MORE
multi-multi stations looking for ops than you may
know about. I can't speak for European folks, but
I know here in the States EVERY M/M wants to have
new blood coming in to train and have for thier
station. I would have to bet that the European
guys and other Countries are the same way. The
geographical limitations and reduced station
numberes may necessitate differnt methods of
contact, training, and assilimation of folks, but
there is NEVER a shortage of need for ops.

Quite a few active constesters do not use
Internet, clusters, or other assistances. They
like being unassisted in their efforts. They may
submit thier logs via the Internet or by mail,
but they don't use it themselves.

Rather than case perjorative words which tend to
divide our community of contest aficiandos.. why
not attempt to encourage them to operate and
plant a few seeds?

Just one ham's opinion. Feel free to fire back. 


Chuck K3FT

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