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[CQ-Contest] Oceania Test Mults??

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Oceania Test Mults??
From: k6km@cncnet.com (Bill)
Date: Thu Oct 3 22:11:17 2002
Best I can tell, Oceania stations need prefixes as mults.
I've not been able to verify this with total confidence.

I've poked about lots of Oceania sites and still am not
100 pct satisfied that my interpretation is correct.

If you need prefixes, I'll be in your contest signing
NG6O, a club call. If I don't receive confirmation thsat
prefixis are meainigful to OC stations, I'll still be there
signing my REAL call K6KM.

Wot's up mates?

Bill K6KM,

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