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[CQ-Contest] top ten

Subject: [CQ-Contest] top ten
From: jfunk@adams.net (jim funk)
Date: Mon Oct 7 12:57:51 2002
Top Ten reasons to work the ILLINOIS QSO PARTY on October 20:

10) Warm up for Sweepstakes.  Sunday evening rate the way SS would *like* to

9) Only eight hours.  Doesn't alienate family.

8) Starts at 1800Z.  Lets you go to church first.  Pray for "sweep".  See
number 6.

7) You worked CQP and didn't get a "sweep".  Frustrated.

6) You worked CQP and *did* get a "sweep".  Prove you can do twice as well
(102 counties in IL).

5) Reward the 12-15 mobiles that will be crossing the state.

4) Ferret out a county-line portable sitting in a corn field (explaining to
sheriff why he's there....)

3) Shock a first-time in-state IQPer with his very own pileup.

2) Qualify for a certificate or a "Taste of Illinois" award (we produce
honey here, not salmon....)

1) Sunday afternoon/evening contest stimulates brain --- jumpstart for
Monday morning.

73, Jim N9JF

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