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[CQ-Contest] M/2 in CQWW - Re Additional multipliers stations

Subject: [CQ-Contest] M/2 in CQWW - Re Additional multipliers stations
From: wally@el-soft.com (Valeri Stefanov)
Date: Tue Oct 8 01:16:27 2002

Since we have been discussing the question about additional transmitting =
multiplier stations in M/2 Category in CQWW 2002 with my friend LZ2UU I =
have sent a question to Bob K3EST.
The answer was - stations in M/2 can only use additional RX multiplier =
finding stations which are NOT allowed to transmitt. Only two running =
stations are allowed to transmit at any given moment.
I am posting this since this is not well defined in the rules for 2002 =
and different assumptions are possible ( saw similar comment from US on =
the survey about M/2 category on www.contesting.com).

73's de Wally LZ2CJ - one of LZ9W & YM3LZ Contest Team

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