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Subject: [CQ-CONTEST] November CW SS
From: k7qo@earthlink.net (Chuck Adams, K7QO)
Date: Mon Oct 7 17:12:29 2002
Last year I operated /7 from Jackson Hole, WY during CW SS.
I did not have a good location as the noise level was high.

Some one on this list sent me email last year after the contest
noting they could help me this year.  Sorry to say that after
several computer replacements and failures I no longer have
that information.  If you sent me email last year, I'd appreciate
a ping so that I can get started for this years /7 operation from WY.

dit dit es tnx,

Chuck Adams, K7QO
http://www.qsl.net/k7qo     and    http://www.earthlink.net/~k7qo

Moving to Arizona?  ----   Please bring your own water.

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