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[CQ-Contest] Op available for WW

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Op available for WW
From: k5zm@attbi.com (k5zm)
Date: Tue Oct 8 06:38:33 2002
My original destination has been undergoing a QSY and a major upgrade and
won't be ready 'til ARRL DX, so I'm scouting for something to hold me over;)

Probably stateside since that's what I was planning on $$-wise to begin
with. I do enjoy CW, but phone is the preference whenever I'm going to a
station I've not been to before, or using software I've never used before.

I've got feelers out locally (Pacific NW), but haven't heard anything yet.
I've got time blocked out for both modes, but can probably only *travel* for
one or the other, not both.

I'm no K1AR or N6TR, but nobody's ever kicked me out of a chair, either:).
Recent gigs have included NQ4I, J6DX/J68ZM, W7RM, N6TR, K7AW.

I've always used TR, save for one experience with CT during WW PHONE last
year. I've been an apartment dweller for years, the only equip I could bring
would be a pair of Heils and an old laptop. The last rig I owned was a C
Line which I sold to K7NT a few years ago;)

If anyone has a spot for an upper middle level appliance operator kind of
guy.. let me know;)

*Oh yeah.. ya probably don't want me on the low bands. Very little
experience there;)

Ian, K5ZM / ZF2ZM / J68ZM
Got CW?

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