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[CQ-Contest] November SS Sunday Afternoon

Subject: [CQ-Contest] November SS Sunday Afternoon
From: tdm1@bignet.net (tdm1)
Date: Wed Oct 9 00:58:21 2002
Here is a suggestion to deal with the Sunday afternoon doldrums and =
generate interest at the same time.
We all know newly licensed, less active, or good non-contest operators. =
Why not encourage them to start on Sunday, calling CQ at about 050-060 =
on each band, or just inside the Novice bands, at their own speed? Even =
better, some can make this a club or group learning effort, with an =
experienced operator helping the new/casual operators in real time, =
making contacts, managing pileups, or working S&P. Everybody wins.
I will see you with bells on.
73     Ted    W8UE

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