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[CQ-Contest] UR-DX-C RTTY date ?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] UR-DX-C RTTY date ?
From: gord@kron.donetsk.ua (Vladimir A. Gordienko)
Date: Wed Oct 9 16:00:40 2002
Dear fellows contesters and rttyers,
Ukrainian DX Contest (UR-DX-C) committee
decided to change the Rules of the contest from year 2003.
Also we decided to develop two different contests: one of CW,SSB
modes on traditional date and new one of RTTY mode only on
a new date. As all you know there are too many contests on
every weekend. We found some more or less acceptable dates,
(the first weekend of September for example etc), but we would
appreciate your skilled opinion and advice regarding new date.

73 Vladimir ("Bob") UT1IA  =  EO1I
UCC vice-president
UR-DX-C coordinator


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