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[CQ-Contest] PA QSO Party 2002

Subject: [CQ-Contest] PA QSO Party 2002
From: lindmeie@bellatlantic.net (John Lindmeier)
Date: Wed Oct 9 12:11:31 2002
The Frankford Radio Club is celebrating its 75th annivserary this
weekend by serving as the Bonus Point Station for the 2002 Pennsylvania
QSO Party.  The call we will be using will be W3FRC.  All contacts with
W3FRC are worth 200 bonus points.  All stations world-wide are welcome
to participate.  

The contest has two periods.  The first period starts at 16:00 UTC
Saturday October 12th and runs until 05:00 UTC Sunday October 13th. 
Then, there is an 8 hour off period and the contest resumes at 13:00 UTC
Sunday October 13th and ends at 22:00 UTC.

The object for stations outside of Pennsylvania is to work as many
stations in Pennsylvania in as many Pennsylvania counties as possible. 
Pennsylvania has 67 counties.  The exchange is QSO number and ARRL/RAC
section or DX for all others.  Pennsylvania stations will send QSO
number and their Pennsylvania county.  The same station can be contacted
twice on the same band; once on phone and once on CW.  Multipliers count
once.  There is a total of 67 multipliers for out of state stations and
152 for Pennsylvania stations.  All phone contacts are worth 1 point. 
CW contacts are worth 2 points on 160 & 80 meters and 1.5 points on 40
meters and down.  The final score is contact points times multipliers
plus 200 points for each contact with W3FRC.

The contest is fully supported by in Writelog and NA software.  There is
also some free software available.  The web site for the contest has
links to the software and other information.  The URL is: 

W3FRC will be on 9 bands: 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28, 50, 144, and 432 Mhz
from the QTH of Bill - K3ANS in Northampton County.  A special, limited
edition of the classic Frankford Radio Club QSL that was first designed
in 1936 is available.  SASE for domestic contacts to K3ZV call book
address.  DX will be auto QSLed via the bureau system.  We are looking
forward to working as many stations as possible from around the world. 
And, please give out a point to as many other Pennsylvania stations as
you can.  

73 - John - K3ZV

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