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[CQ-Contest] November SS Sunday Afternoon

Subject: [CQ-Contest] November SS Sunday Afternoon
From: W2CS@bellsouth.net (Gary Ferdinand W2CS)
Date: Fri Oct 11 21:16:51 2002
I kind of like the Sunday afternoon time.  It provides the opportunity to
work for the Qs.  Yeah, not as exciting as running them at 100+/min, but
rewarding by other measures.

One thing I learned to my amusement one year was that operating QRP tends to
level out the rate across the entire contest.  Yeah, you get some "high"
rates Sat night with great S&P results, but Sunday afternoon, you can get
some super runs going as the big guns start getting desperate.  Antennas
help of course :-)

I don't do it every year; maybe 1 in 5.  But, SS QRP has its own charm.

73/Gary W2CS 60 NC

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] November SS Sunday Afternoon
> While everybody is thinking about how to increase SS participation, you
> might think about the idea of allowing non-US/VE stations to make
> contacts.
> What would be the harm?  Just as in NAQP, the contact could count
> for point
> credit without "DX" stations being a multiplier.  They/we would just send
> "DX" for section and all the other information the same as everybody else.
> I suspect there are lots of people outside US/VE who would be
> interested in
> getting on and playing, and all that would happen would be that you would
> see more activity.  Nothing wrong with that, I say.  Of course, there are
> always going to be those who will throw out the usual objection of
> invalidating old records.  But so what?  Toss all the old records, start
> from scratch, and you'll see even more activity.  Or you can continue
> sending unanswered CQs all afternoon.
> Bruce, ZF2NT
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