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[CQ-Contest] Simple SS fix.

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Simple SS fix.
From: n7or@yahoo.com (Craig Cook)
Date: Sat Oct 12 14:43:51 2002
Nothing new or earth-shattering here:

Just allow us to work once on each band. That should
help. You would still need to copy the correct serial
number, at least. The rest of exchange would be filled
in auto-magically, but that's ok. Maybe you blew it
the first time.

I don't think DX is the answer.

I can't completely disagree with encouraging
newcomers, but not sure it is as easy as just telling
them to "get on Sunday and call cq at your own speed".
Good luck finding a clear spot to do that. Get on and
work as many as you can - however you can, sure. A few
may actually try it. 

This comes up again every year, like a bad meal. Think
Newington will listen? I don't. I don't see how
changing the SS rules would generate any more revenue.

73, Craig - N7OR

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