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[CQ-Contest] C53M / C56R one extra seat available!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] C53M / C56R one extra seat available!
From: juha.valimaki@lut.fi (Juha Valimaki)
Date: Sun Oct 13 13:21:45 2002
Hi all,

One extra seat is possibly available for upcoming C53M / C56R cq ww cw event!

Basic facts:

- Departure from Helsinki (Finland) or Stockholm (Sweden)
- Total price: 1024 E (quite the same in USD) + air conditioning, including 2 
week's stay in Gambia (Hotels) + flights.

If interested contact as soon as possible:

Juha Valimaki

Some more info about this operation can be found from 

Juha, OH9MM


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