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Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re "No QSL Needed"

Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re "No QSL Needed"
From: radio@stelex.com.au (Mike, VK4DX)
Date: Wed Oct 16 21:18:33 2002
>Mike wrote
>How about N0QSL :-)
>Sorry couldn't resist.
>Mike Urich,   KA5CVH
There's a Russian station UA3QSY (or RA3QSY, not sure about his prefix)

Imagine a DX station working split on CW and this guy not realizing it's 
a split thing actually transmits on DX's frequency. How do you tell him 
to QSY ?


and he goes:    R R R  de  UA3QSY  UA3QSY  5NN   5NN  de  UA3QSY  k

and then everyone on the frequency keys:  QSY   QSY  QSY

and he goes   CFM de UA3QSY   UA3QSY   5NN   5NN .....and so on forever 
...  he-he-he-he    ...     LOL !!!

73 Mike

>From Mike Urich, KA5CVH" <ka5cvh@ka5cvh.com  Wed Oct 16 12:27:03 2002
From: Mike Urich, KA5CVH" <ka5cvh@ka5cvh.com (Mike Urich, KA5CVH)
Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re "No QSL Needed"
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From: "Art Popoff" <ua3vcs@mail.ru

> NOQSL sounds a bit too wide.

Mike wrote

That's actually N0QSL (N-Zero-QSL) and was tongue in cheek since as club
meetings etc we refer to people who are working on their licesnse of having
the license

N0CAL or N0KAL <No-Call>

Mike Urich,   KA5CVH
LaPorte TX   EL-29

Amateur Radio *IS* a contact sport!

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