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[CQ-Contest] UA3QSY

Subject: [CQ-Contest] UA3QSY
From: eugenewalsh@msn.com (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Wed Oct 16 23:42:45 2002
This actually happened, in reverse.
K5YG and I were told this story over 35 years ago by an
accomplished contester and superb CW op who is still

On OSCAR 6 he was called by UP2OM, and obediently moved up!  After a few
iterations he figured
out what was gg on, sat still and had a QSO.

I thought it was hilarious.  Still do.

73 Gene N2AA

VK4DX sez:

"There's a Russian station UA3QSY (or RA3QSY, not sure about his prefix)

Imagine a DX station working split on CW and this guy not realizing it's
a split thing actually transmits on DX's frequency. How do you tell him
to QSY ?


and he goes:    R R R  de  UA3QSY  UA3QSY  5NN   5NN  de  UA3QSY  k

and then everyone on the frequency keys:  QSY   QSY  QSY

and he goes   CFM de UA3QSY   UA3QSY   5NN   5NN .....and so on forever
...  he-he-he-he    ...     LOL !!!"

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