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[CQ-Contest] tram

Subject: [CQ-Contest] tram
From: kcechura@umr.edu (Ken Cechura)
Date: Thu Oct 17 11:16:48 2002
Ok, I can dig through the archives, but im lazy and have a test in a
half hour...  

What is a tower "tram" and what does it look like?  I would like to see
how one works....  

One of our alumni told me about it, as we have to pull down our Force 12
C4 to replace the reflector which fell off over the last month.
Defective rivet, I HOPE.  Unfortunately it was dark last night and the
entire situation could not be investigated fully.


       Kenneth R. Cechura, KC9UMR 
      University of Missouri-Rolla
  Department Of Electrical Engineering  
     President, 2002, W0EEE, UMR ARC
         email: kcechura@umr.edu 

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