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[CQ-Contest] QTC Thoughts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] QTC Thoughts
From: wn3vaw@fyi.net (Ron Notarius WN3VAW)
Date: Sat Oct 19 17:39:18 2002
In the aftermath of one of my favorite state QSO parties, the post-contest
discussion every year turns to things that could be done to make it better
next year.

A relatively new contester has been pushing, hard, for the contest to add
something similar to the QTC report used in the WAE contest, to help spice
up Sunday operating (since Sunday late mornings and early afternoons are
often slow going).  So far, the response has been very strong -- against the

However, I want to be fair.  So even though I've operated in the WAE and
have my own opinion of this proposal, I'm curious as to what other
experienced contesters might think.

So, the question is:  What do you think of a state QSO party adding a
WAE-style QTC report?  Is it something that would spice up the contest, or
something that would work against it?

Please reply direct, and after a few days, I'll post a summary.


73, ron wn3vaw
"Be who you are, say what you think, people that matter don't care, and
people that care don't matter." -- Dr. Seuss

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