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[CQ-Contest] FWD from KW8N

Subject: [CQ-Contest] FWD from KW8N
From: n0ss@earthlink.net (Tom Hammond NØSS)
Date: Tue Oct 22 09:15:00 2002

I JUST received this message from Bob, KW8N.

If anyone can help him out, please reply DIRECTLY TO BOB at <KW8N@aol.com>.

Thanks & 73,

Tom  N0SS

>Return-Path: <KW8N@aol.com>
>From: KW8N@aol.com
>To: n0ss@earthlink.net
>Subject: Help please
>I am headed to KP2A in a few hours and have been looking all over here for 
>the dimensions to a 4 element beam design by W2PV.  On 20 meters it was 
>about a 40 foot boom and on 15 meters about 26 foot.  It was real popular 
>in the early 80's.
>I don't get on contesting.com much and don't remember how to post a 
>question there.  If you wouldn't mind doing so for me and have them 
>respond to my e-mail address kw8n@aol.com (which I will pick up from 
>KP2).  Hoping to throw one or two of these together from the odds and ends 
>of stuff I have down there.
>TNX es 73, Bob KW8N

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