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[CQ-Contest] Help - do you know this balun?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Help - do you know this balun?
From: kiddi@marel.is (Kristinn Andersen)
Date: Fri Oct 25 15:37:26 2002

I have a balun that I bought at a ham radio store around 1990.  It came
packaged with some information, which is now lost, and there is absolutely
no marking on it of any sort.  I need some basic technical information on
it, such as:

a) Impedance ratio (1:1 or 4:1?).  I may be able to measure this using my
RX noise bridge, if I get it back to work.
b) I believe it covers at least 3,5-30 MHz, but I wonder if it is usable at
1,8 MHz?
c) Power rating.

I am attaching a picture of this balun, in case any of you might recognize
the brand and, better yet, have the information.  In case the picture does
not come through, it has the "ordinary" look, i.e. a cylindrical white
plastic unit with an UHF coax plug at one end, two "ears" for connecting
the antenna wires, and a fastening ring at the top.  The diameter is
approx. 4cm or about 1-1/2", and the length is approx. 16 cm or 6-1/4".
The connecting "ears" are nicer than some I have seen - they are made of
brass colored cylinders that the antenna wires can be routed onto and brass
colored screws thighten the wires in place there.

Even if you don't recognize this specific balun, do you have an educated
guess about the power rating (from the dimensions) or if it is likely to
work at 1,8 MHz (do these baluns "usually" extend down to e160m)?  Is there
any simple DC resistance checks I can carry out to determine the impedance

A reply before the weekend (antenna time) would be appreciated.

73 de TF3KX, Kristinn.

(See attached file: Balun-UnknownPosted.jpg)

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