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[CQ-Contest] re: Packet Spots in CQWW

Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: Packet Spots in CQWW
From: kn5h@earthlink.net (KN5H)
Date: Mon Oct 28 18:32:19 2002
Bob N5NJ wrote:

> I operated for not quite half of the contest, but I noticed a very high
> number of erroneous packet spots.
> What is going on?  Was this on purpose or what?
> To make matters worse, it seemed that the only stations that were spotted
> were those that nearly never ID!
> One spot had a cross-band QSX on it.   That was weird.
> N5NJ @ AA5NT M/2

You have a good point. I am trying to justify the effort to rcv spots,
either via 2 mtr or Telnet.
An extra phone line or more coax for the RF ISP link is what I am planning.
Either way seems like a waste.
What is up with endless stateside spots from other stateside nodes? Please
tell me so I will understand!
If I had a 2mtr connection, the entire network would fail due to the sheer
volume and constant collisions.
Someone please enlighten me.
73 de KN5H

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